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from TSG 62 (April 1983)

“Where do summoned creatures come from?” asked Melar. “Are they assembled from raw energy like illusions, or do they have real... (more)

As discussed last time (posted here), The Fantasy Trip dumps restrictive “character classes” for more free-form and flexible character creation.... (more)

As the $123K stretch goal, here are five more new slimes for your TFT campaign. 

Visit the Kickstarter page today to support the campaign and unlock... (more)

From TSG 52 (June 1982)

There are several institutions of Cidri, in The Fantasy Trip, which are of some interest to a Game Master, and which... (more)

From TSG #54 (August 1982)

It does a gamemaster's heart good to have a system which allows nasty things to happen during the course of regular events.... (more)

From TSG 29 (July 1980)

Work on The Fantasy Trip has dominated the last three years of my life. It bothers me a little bit to realize... (more)

From TSG 31 (September 1980)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, here it is. It’s stupendous, it’s colossal, it’s the greatest... (more)

From TSG 36 (February 1981)

When, very early in my D&D career, I rolled up my first paladin (an affable chap named Astolph who has an intense dislike of... (more)

TSG 39 (May 1981)

One of the contests The Space Gamer ran, back in the day, was for magic items. Many of the winning entries were TFT-related, and here... (more)

From TSG 41 (July 1981)

The following is a list of hints based on almost three years of TFT play. I hope that this article will inspire some of you... (more)

Probably the best munchkining of the TFT rules that I ever heard of . . . and directly responsible for some tweaks to the new edition rules.

TSG 49... (more)

From TSG 51 (May 1982)

SJ note: As far as I know, this article was the first appearance anywhere of a “disadvantage” system for... (more)

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