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$123K Stretch Goal - Five More New Slimes

July 27, 2018

As the $123K stretch goal, here are five more new slimes for your TFT campaign. 

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Rotten Slime

Putrid brown and orange in color. They stink like a week-old corpse, so no one should be too surprised by them, but they will also attack openly. They can travel outside at night and curl themselves into leathery balls to resist the sun, so they may be found in places where the regular labyrinth ecology has not taken root; note that the stink is very faint when they are balled up, so they might be overlooked. Otherwise, treat as a Brown Slime.

Carrion Slime

This may just be a form of Rotten Slime. It looks like a grayish-pink chunk of decaying meat, complete with lumps, crusted filth, and bits of mold. It does not lurk above, but lies on the ground; they have been seen outside the caverns. It stinks of rotting meat. This is not something the average adventurer would even approach, but a scavenger might eagerly feed on it . . . and it might be that scavenger’s last meal. Treat as a Brown Slime for combat.

Purple Slime

Looks like grape jelly with a lot of seeds. If it soaks into your skin, you will see visions. Larger amounts put you to sleep. It’s not known what benefit the purple slime derives from this property, as they don’t eat their victims.

Purple Slime stats are as for Green Slime, and they are vulnerable to fire in the same way.

White Slime

It looks like a thin mucus covering a large area of the wall. Harmless to living creatures, but if you get it on you, you need to clean it with fire, water, or magic. Otherwise, everything made of cloth or leather will rot away overnight.

Stats are not relevant – you can burn it with fire but otherwise you don’t “fight” this slime.


This precious creature looks like a handful of viscous clear gel, full of tiny points of blue-white light. Not only is this slime harmless, but it has healing properties, even “raw” off the cavern walls. However, it’s only found in the deep darkness, and it takes only a few minutes of light to kill it and destroy its healing virtue, leaving just a nasty gray ooze.

Placed on a fresh wound, a Starslime will soak in and heal 1d hits of damage. A second Starslime will heal 1d-2 hits; later ones have no effect. A living Starslime is worth about $500 for its value as a healing potion.

Stats not relevant, except MA 4 . . . it might crawl away from you.


To discuss this latest extra for use with The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, please join the conversation on the forums. To join in and support the project, visit the Kickstarter page today.

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