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Live In The Labyrinth

Welcome to Live In The Labyrinth! Join some of the Steve Jackson Games staff and friends for an ongoing fantasy roleplaying campaign using The Fantasy Trip rules. 

Not familiar with the system? That's ok, neither are the players! You can tune in to see how this old-school, lightweight system is quick to pick up and play, or to see if the staff can survive the Death Test and trials beyond, or both!

Live in the Labyrinth streamed live weekly on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook in the fall of 2019.  You can find the episodes archived in one place in this YouTube playlist.

In Episode 0 we ran Randy through Character Creation.
In Episodes 1 - 3 we ran the adventure Death Test.
In Episodes 4 - 8 we ran The Chaos Triads adventure.


Isabella Spellscreamer Fox Barrett
Akkar Randy Scheunemann
"Fast" Eddie Goldmane Hunter Shelburne
Jalis Brownpike Philip Villarreal
Game Master Jimmie Bragdon


Technical Producer, Cameras, Audio Brandon McClelland
Producer, Director, Lighting Jimmie Bragdon
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