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The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition Errata

by Steve Jackson                                             updated 12-31-2019

While we have found few errata in the new TFT edition, "few" is not the same as none. Here's what we have as of the end of October 2019.

10 – Under Immediate Action, a Lesser Wish will also work, restoring the victim fully.

     Under "Heroic Magic Revival," the fifth paragraph states that these methods (Greater Wish, etc.) must be tried within an hour of death. The actual time limit is one day of game time.

24 – Under Repair, last sentence, the spell referred to should be Restore Device; there is no such thing as Repair Device.

27 – Lightning – Maximum of 3 points per casting.

30 – To clarify: It does not cost 1 ST to make a physical whack with the staff. The ST is spent when the staff's occult damage is to be done.

33 – Wizard's Wrath – Maximum of 3 points per casting.

33 – Zombies – They retain their combat skills (but no other) at their -2 DX.    

39, 176. The Talent name is Remove Traps, plural.

49 – In entry 9 of the last table, the distance of "13 megahexes" will be easier to use on the labyrinth map.

82 – An octopus has eight arms, not eight legs.

92-93. The fur of the giant wolverine stops 2 hits.

95 – A giant snake or monster snake has IQ 4.

96 – A crabman has one big set of pincers per arm.

99-100. Rats may stack at two per hex; they must still be attacked individually.

100 – Some text is missing in Scuttles. The second paragraph should begin "Hand-sized when they attack, Scuttles jump onto their prey and bite like giant ticks. They drink blood, swelling to balloon-size, and drop off when sated."

103 – Option (s) should be "Shift one hex (or stand still) and attempt to disbelieve one figure."

106 – Add "You cannot disengage by crawling unless your opponent cannot move at all."

109 – Change the 2-handed bastard sword damage to 3d-2.

117 – See the article in Hexagram #3 for some well-made points about the current Defend rules. There are no official changes yet, but it's a subject open for discussion and consideration.

118 – Delete the last sentence under Forcing Retreat. We may need more development on the Retreat rules – look for a Hexagram article.

119 – More about the effects of relative height on combat can be found in Hexagram #2.

125-125 – The arquebus and blunderbuss are flintlock weapons; they don't require a lit torch. A grenade requires a source of fire (usually a torch). So does a petard, but it may have a long, slow fuse. When used as traps, grenades and petards are triggered by flintlock mechanisms.

147 – Elves' toenails cost $16/pound.

152 – Delete the second sentence in the Ingredients column for "Bind Small Demon."

175 – Add Food, 41, 67.

176 – Under Scrolls, add an entry for 30. Under Shield Rush, add an entry for 112. Under Staff spell, add an entry for 30.

Character Cards

Sigrun has a Halberd listed as 2d-1 damage. Halberds do 2d in the weapon table.

Sirocco has ST9/DX15, but wears cloth armor. She does not have the proper adjDX 14 listed.

Mad Olly has a saber listing of 1d+1 damage. Sabers are listed as doing 2d-2 damage in the weapon table.

Meg also has a saber listing of 1d+1 damage. Sabers are listed as doing 2d-2 damage in the weapon table.

TFT Companion

I am advised by Brett Slocum that the first edition of Champions was earlier than Forrest Johnson's Space Gamer article, which would make Champions the first published instance of disadvantages in a RPG.

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