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$156K Stretch Goal - Five Non-Combat Spells

August 1, 2018

As the $156K stretch goal, here are five non-combat spells for The Fantasy Trip . . .

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Great Voice (IQ 11) (T): The subject speaks in a voice which, while not over-loud, is audible to everyone within bowshot. Combined with a Word of Command, this spell can make a wizard such a nuisance that he will be confined until his beard is much longer. Fortunately, it also has military, political, and public-safety applications.

Costs 1 ST per minute of speech.

Whisper (IQ 10) (T): The subject, who is normally the wizard himself, can direct his voice to any one listener or any group of listeners that share the same megahex area with no one else. The listeners must be visible to the wizard, but do not have to be close by at all! No one else will hear his speech, and his mouth will not appear to move. Is this a form of Telepathy? Perhaps.

Costs 2 ST per minute of speech.

Close Vision (IQ 10) (T): Improves close-up vision as much as a large magnifying glass, but with perfect clarity across the whole field of vision. Useful to calligraphers, artists of all kinds, trackers and detectives, and mechanicians; reduces difficulty of appropriate attempts by 1 die. Cost: 1 ST for 30 minutes.

Duplicate Writing (IQ 14) (T): Copies one side of a handwritten page of a reasonable size, in a close approximation of the original type or handwriting, in plain blue ink. The caster must hold the page to be copied and concentrate for a minute; the copy will appear in his other hand.

The copy will be completely accurate on a successful roll against the caster’s IQ. A failure will (for instance) misspell words the caster cannot spell. Only on a critical failure will there be meaningful errors. The GM makes the roll; the wizard cannot know how good the copy is without checking carefully.

This spell can be used to copy a page from a grimoire, which is not itself magic, but can not copy a spell scroll!

The spell provides both ink and paper, and a duplicate page is easy to recognize as such. A “duplicate” of a calligraphed and ornamented page will copy all the colors in the same blue. Thus, it is possible (by writing in red ink on black paper, for instance) to create a document that is hard to magically copy. Such documents, however, are very hard for regular readers to deal with! And a critical spell success against an “uncopyable” document would yield a readable copy anyway. Cost: 2 ST.

Restore Device (IQ 14) (T):

This spell will fix broken springs, restore gear teeth, replace wires, and so on, bringing any mechanical device to the appearance of original condition, provided you start with all the pieces. If it worked when it was new, it will work after this spell. If it had design problems, this spell will not help at all.

The Mechanicians will tell you that a magically restored device is likely to fail again in the same way, and they are right. A good mechanician will look at wear patterns and rebuild a device to avoid them, while this spell mindlessly restores the gadget’s original state using its original (and probably weakened) parts. But it’s fast.

Cost to cast depends on both size and complexity: 12 for a hand-sized object like a crossbow, 24 for something like a clock that might take both hands to hold, 50 for something that fills a hex. Larger devices are unusual and difficult.


To discuss this latest extra for use with The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, please join the conversation on the forums. To join in and support the project, visit the Kickstarter page today.

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