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$133K Stretch Goal - Five New Combat Magic Spells

July 28, 2018

As the $133K stretch goal, here are five new combat spells for your TFT campaign. 

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Turn Missiles (IQ 9) (T). Causes any missile spells (or missile or thrown weapons) aimed at the spell’s subject to automatically miss and fly past the target. The attacker must then roll to hit (or miss, as he chooses) other figures in a straight line behind the spell’s subject. 1 to cast, 1 to continue.

Dispel Missiles (IQ 10) (T). Dispels any missile spells (or missile or thrown weapons) aimed at the spell’s subject. They simply vanish. 1 to cast, 1 to continue.

Acid Touch (IQ 11) (T) The subject’s hands secrete a powerful acid which does not affect the subject. It adds 1 die to any bare-handed damage, or can be used to etch stone or ruin delicate metal objects. The acid vanishes when the spell ends.

This is a natural ability of some monsters, and alchemists have found clever uses for a strong acid that suddenly vanishes. Cost: 1 ST to cast, 1 per turn to continue.

Breathe Fire (IQ 12) (T) – An exceptionally impressive spell. A mainstay of the performing wizard. Useful in combat, of course; against primitive foes, the GM may make a reaction roll to see if they break and run!

A wizard who casts the combat version on themselves, and demonstrates it in a peaceful manner, will get a +1 on reactions from dragons . . . they will feel a bit flattered and a bit respectful. The dragon will probably breathe back, though, and the wizard must not lose his nerve!

By changing a few words, this spell may be cast in two ways:

     • Show. 1 to cast, lasting for 12 turns, and 1 per minute thereafter. A cool blue-and-orange flame a couple of feet long. Can still set flammable things on fire, but not instantly. Will awe an audience for a primitive foe.

     • Combat. A seething red-orange flame, equivalent in all ways to the breath of a 4-hex dragon, except that since you don’t have a dragon’s long neck, you can breathe only into your front hexes. Will ignite wood, and simply incinerates paper and so on. Does 2d damage, with a DX roll (with thrown weapon modifiers) to hit. Cost to cast: 3 ST, plus one per turn maintained for the wizard and 2 ST per breath for the subject. The subject, like a real dragon, can breathe once per turn while doing other things, including attacking.

Prerequisite: Fire.

Diamond Flesh (IQ 17) (T). Like Iron Flesh, but even harder, in both senses. Stops 8 hits/attack! Costs 4 ST to cast, plus 1 per turn it is maintained.


To discuss this latest extra for use with The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, please join the conversation on the forums. To join in and support the project, visit the Kickstarter page today.

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