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$142.5K Stretch Goal - Five New Practical Magic Spells

July 30, 2018

As the $142.5K stretch goal, here are five new practical magic spells for The Fantasy Trip . . .

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Summon Scout (IQ 9) (C): Brings a rat or any other small mammal, as the wizard chooses, to spy or scout. Caster can see through its eyes. Its other senses are also available, though the wizard will not understand everything that a rat smells or a bat hears, and may interpret those senses as vision! Depending on the surroundings, a squirrel, rabbit, or scum-bunny might be a good choice. Will also bring a bat, but not a bird. Costs 1, plus 1 for every minute the spell is continued.

Pathfinder (IQ 12) (S): Used to choose between two paths. Caster uses or improvises a small hanging pointer and invests it with 3 ST. The pointer indicates the one the wizard would choose if they knew all things about both paths at the present moment, though not the reason for the choice. The GM makes the roll against the caster's IQ. If the spell fails, the pointer will waver; if it succeeds, the pointer will clearly show the path. If both paths are equally bad, the GM will say that the spell failed. If both are equally good, the GM will just pick one and say the spell succeeded. On a critical failure the spell will lie, of course.

Pathfinder operates at -2 IQ if a Trailtwister spell has been used by the persons sought.

The spell may be attempted, at a -6, on a choice of three paths. It may not be attempted on a choice of more than three. It may not be attempted more than once within a day to make the same decision, but it may be attempted any number of times on different decisions.

“Path” may sometimes be liberally interpreted – a choice of who to believe might be a “path” – but the GM does not have to permit an abusive use of the spell, and may apply penalties in a questionable situation.

This spell may be found in a Lesser Magic Item – a silver pointer on a chain, such as an arrow, a pointing hand, or a leaping wolf. Start with the pointer itself, which must be finely made and pure silver ($150), then use the Serpent Torc creation stats. Value of this item is $2,000 and it has the same use limitations as the spell, rolling vs. the user’s IQ.

Friendship (IQ 12) (S): Calms everyone within 10 yards and line of sight of the caster, giving them a +1 on reactions to everyone else affected by the spell for every 2 points of ST the wizard spent on the spell, to a max of 4 points (+2). This spell will not make sworn foes go out drinking together, but it can get them to sit at a table and negotiate. Effects last for 1d times 10 minutes. The spell cuts both ways; under its effect, PCs will not want to murder the NPCs even if that was in their minds before!

This spell does not make its subjects stupid or even pacifistic. It will not work if combat is actually going on, nor will it make the guards watch quietly while you remove the idol’s eye. Note also that some people, such as rulers and merchants, may be deeply annoyed if they learn they have been subjected to a mind-altering spell.

Delete Writing (IQ 11) (T): Removes all handwriting, smudges, and so on from a single page of paper held in the wizard’s hand. There is no way known to restore the lost writing. Costs 1 ST. The GM may allow uses on larger areas at a higher ST cost; harder materials will be more difficult. But certainly one could remove graffiti from a building, or – an exhausting exercise – take the inscription off a gravestone.

For most wizards this spell will never be important, but a security officer will find it saves lives. A spy could destroy enemy records or messages – or a magic scroll! – instantly. A poet could make sure no one saw her embarrassing rough drafts. And, of course, it gives you a clean sheet of paper.

Ferment (IQ 11) (T): Encourages beneficial microorganisms to multiply quickly, and discourages harmful ones, based on caster’s intent. Useful for making wine, beer, bread, mead, cheese, yoghurt . . . it also “ages” game. In general, it halves the time required to make such products and insures that the quality will be no less than good. This one spell will guarantee you honest, boring, decently paid work in any large town, and is taught to non-wizards by guilds like the Brewers and the Cheesemakers.

Costs 2 to affect a single bottle or loaf, or 6 to affect everything in a hex. Multiple castings will not cut the time further but may improve the quality of the product.


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