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Steve Jackson Games is now creating STLs for those of you who 3D-print your own minis and
terrain. This project is just getting off the ground. Right now we have exactly one set: TFT Foes 1,
a 51-piece STL collection that retails for $30 on Warehouse 23 – or you can buy
subsets with just the armies you want.

Foes 2 is coming! And there will be more, and more. We love playing with minis, and we are
nuts about quality, so you can expect good things from us.


Also in the works are Hexscape and Squarescape, interlocking terrain systems for hexes and
squares respectively. Print them to whatever scale you prefer!


We think 3D printing is the wave of the future. We have one employee and several freelancers
working on the project, as well as a room full of printers! (And we are looking for more
sculptors – if you do marvelous figure sculpting for 32mm scale, contact 

Foes – Long Lankin

Foes – Octopi

Foes – Scorpion Clan Orcs

Foes – Scorpion Handler

Foes – Skeleton Army

Foes – St. Ick

Foes – The Bloody Skull Orcs

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