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Bring your friends into TFT with a complete, playable, FREE download of the starter game, Melee, from Warehouse 23!

Check out how to get started playing The Fantasy Trip with these Melee focused introductory videos!

For more TFT videos be sure to check out our Live in the Labyrinth series.

Download blank character sheets for use in your The Fantasy Trip games!

The Fantasy Trip Character Sheet

Courtesy of Steve Jackson, here's a useful list of Talents, listed two ways: Alphabetically and by IQ Required.

Talent List PDF (or get it as a DOCX)

Courtesy of Douglas Cole, here's a file with talents and spells in column format using Office 365/Excel. You may find it a useful reference, or a tool for writing your own character-generation code.

The Fantasy Trip Spreadsheet for Talents and Spells

The Fantasy Trip has its own free mobile app: TFT Helper!

This is a bonus for all our generous TFT supporters. Created by Andrew Walters, it's a character builder. It's a digital character sheet. It's a reference for talents, spells, weapons, and armor. It's an arena to learn the combat system and try out characters. It's a solitaire adventure. It's a customizable die roller. It's free!

Use it to enhance your tabletop game. Use it to learn and teach The Fantasy Trip. Use it to have a quick battle anywhere!


Download it for iOS:

or for Android:

Download your favorite cover art from The Fantasy Trip to use on your Desktop, Phone, and Tablet devices!


Companion Cover Art

Decks of Destiny Cover Art

Legacy Edition Cover Art

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