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Another extra from the Fantasy Trip Adventures campaign . . .

“Waste not, want not.” It’s a great life philosophy, but one that takes on disturbing... (more)

One of our stretch goal promises . . .

This encounter can be dropped into any existing campaign. The GM should alter names, places and details to fit the game... (more)

One of our stretch goals for the adventure book was to publish three rumors. Except that even the long ones are short, so we decided to double that. And there was great support... (more)

Today is the day! Today, The Fantasy Trip Adventures campaign closes on Kickstarter, and we're now less than $3,000 from unlocking the last project stretch goal. This... (more)

The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition is set to leave the factory in the next few weeks, which means that it is time we turn our attention to the... (more)

We're happy to report that we've now published two new adventures for The Fantasy Trip, and both are available right now in PDF!

As you know, thanks to your support, the Legacy Edition includes the Death Test and Death Test 2 adventures. The $55,000 and $92,500 stretch goals added the... (more)

With The Fantasy Trip project now in the final stages of manufacturing at the factory, we've officially announced two of the titles for release in April 2019.

Did you miss out on backing The Fantasy Trip on Kickstarter? Now's your chance to preorder the game, at Kickstarter prices, and fill that hole in your game library! Preorders... (more)

I am delighted to report that the project not only succeeded, but hit every stretch goal, and ended at over $314,000 and almost 3400 backers. Thanks to everyone who made this possible,... (more)

From Different Worlds #2 (1979)

Steve has designed many of Metagaming's MicroGames. among them: Melee, Wizard, and Death Test. His current big project is The Fantasy... (more)

As the $235K stretch goal, here are five levels of unarmed combat for The Fantasy Trip . . .

Visit the Kickstarter page today to support the... (more)

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