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Hexagram - Issue #11

• Developed by Steve Jackson, David Austin, James Eisert, P.D. Haynie, Stefan Jones, Howard Kistler, Jean McGuire, Christopher R. Rice, Carter Ross, Ben Williams and Irene Zielinski • Illustrated by Rick Hershey, Christopher Eisert, Liz Danforth, William McAusland and Phil Reed

Black and white zine; 38 pages plus covers
Price $9.95
Stock # SJG3509 * UPC 978-1-63999-041-2
May 2023

Hexagram #11 contains 15 new articles for your roleplaying adventures. Featuring a new dice table from Jean McGuire and introducing new contributor Irene Zielinski, this issue also focuses on some of the rather weird dice we've produced lately. Find out how to incorporate The Seven Deadly Sins Die, The Elder Futhark Die, and the Bad Luck Die into your next game! Also, Phil Reed interviews Steve Jackson, and Steve writes about "broken" spells in TFT!


News! News of new releases! Oh, joy unconfined!

Hexagram #11, which was Kickstarted, is fulfilling now.

The long-awaited Bestiary, which has been long-awaited so long that... (more)

The next issue of Hexagram will launch on Kickstarter on this upcoming Monday, about noon Central time. There is already a landing page for it.

This is a... (more)

Most of you reading this will already have most or all of these PDFs. But just in case you don't . . . or just in case you have a friend who wants to get into the... (more)


It's a garden labyrinth made of rose bushes with gigantic, magical flowers. And very sharp thorns. And now you can visit it in The Rose Labyrinth, KickStarting now(more)

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