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Hexagram - Issue #10

Designed by Douglas Cole, Thomas Cornwell, Paul Haynie, Steve Jackson, Stefan Jones, Howard Kistler, Jean McGuire and Christopher R. Rice • Illustrated by Liz Danforth, Rick Hershey, William McAusland and Alvin Helms

Black and white zine; 36 pages plus covers.
Price $9.95
Stock # SJG3508 * UPC 978-1-63999-034-4
December 2022

Hexagram #10 continues the fun with articles by Stefan Jones, Douglas Cole, Howard Kistler, and more. Jean McGuire provides you with more "3D Printing Tips" while Steve interviews Rick Hershey!


Our agents advise us that Huzzah 2024, to be held in Portland, Maine on May 17-19, will include at least two TFT events. Use this information as you see fit. Especially if you see fit to go and play!

You can find it here.

If you have enjoyed past Hexagrams, please support! There is a new Quick Quest, too.

In other news, if you like the monstrous Scolopendra, check out yesterday's Daily Illuminator.


A not-so-distant early warning: very soon we will open the Kickstarter crowdfunding for Hexagram #12, which is already completely done and will ship in March. It's a... (more)

The huge and marvelous TFT Bestiary is finally complete, done, finished, and printing. And it’s up on Kickstarter right now. Please support!

This is... (more)

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