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The Rose Labyrinth

• Illustrated by Liz Danforth

Two 24" x 24" hex-marked gameboards. With (deadly) roses!
Price $29.95
Stock # SJG3503
March 2023

What secrets lie among the beautiful blooms of The Rose Labyrinth?

Only the GM knows – but we've included a page of ideas and an adventure seed!
This set includes two identical 24" x 24" hex-marked gameboards and two sheets of color counters. The boards geomorph and have different mazes on the front and back, so you can vary your labyrinth. And the paths follow the same geomorph pattern as the Limestone Caverns playmats, so you can connect them for an even bigger adventure!


Our agents advise us that Huzzah 2024, to be held in Portland, Maine on May 17-19, will include at least two TFT events. Use this information as you see fit. Especially if you see fit to go and play!

You can find it here.

If you have enjoyed past Hexagrams, please support! There is a new Quick Quest, too.

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