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New Kickstarter for Bestiary and Foes 2

December 2, 2023

The huge and marvelous TFT Bestiary is finally complete, done, finished, and printing. And it’s up on Kickstarter right now. Please support!

This is 192 hardback pages of creature description, from rare and repulsive monsters through farmyard friends, with a lot of wild beasts and awful nuisances along the way. It does not duplicate anything in the Old School Monsters book – it compliments it.

Also included are colored monster cards to help you plan your encounters, and counters, from tiny to 14-hex, to let you show them on the table. This is the biggest and probably the best supplement we have ever done for TFT, and authors Guy McLimore and Greg Poehlein get big credit, as does everyone else on the superteam that made this happen. It comes in both hardcopy and indexed PDF versions. And it can be yours . . .

But wait! That’s not all!

Also part of this Kickstarter is Foes 2, a set of STL files to create minis for your games. These are for resin printers, and come in both professionally-supported and unsupported versions. The unsupported versions allow you to change sizes. Some of these files look very interestingly different in different sizes!

There are 55 minis in the set right now . . . we started with 50, and stretch goals have added 5 more. Still to come is the beautiful dragon based on Liz Danforth’s work, but you can see it, as painted by Ben Williams, on the campaign page.

Our campaign lets you support either the Bestiary, or the STL set, or both.  Please give this a look - we really think you’ll want it!


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