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New Releases at Gen Con!

July 30, 2019

The Fantasy Trip will be at Gen Con with two new releases:

The second issue of Hexagram is another 36 pages of TFT goodness, including three combat scenarios by Phil Reed, an adventure by Guy McLimore, two articles by Stefan Jones, and Steve Jackson's own take on the natural history of the Octopus! And more . . . we filled those little pages very full of Stuff. Come for the astrology, stay for the shadow sharks . . .

The Fantasy Trip: Outdoor Encounter Cards is a deck of 53 cards by Phil Reed and Steve Jackson. Any TFT gamemaster can use these when in need of a random encounter. Each card offers a quick look at an unexpected situation; your skill and experience as a gamemaster will expand these seeds into encounters that the players will never forget.

These are advance copies, but if you are not at Gen Con you can preorder from Warehouse 23 and get them soon. And remember, if you haven’t ordered Decks of Destiny, that’s also available for pre-order on BackerKit. More cards, megahexes, and other play aids than you can shake a +3 stick at.

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