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Postcard Adventure Winners

September 5, 2019

Issue #1 of Hexagram included a couple of postcard adventures, and gave rise to a contest: create your own adventure that fits on a postcard! We had an even 40 submissions, and choosing winners was not easy. We are giving W23 credit rather than specific prizes, because many of our winners may already have everything we have already produced for TFT. So this way, the new stuff is free . . .

In Hexagram #3 you’ll see our top three choices. Play them and enjoy! The winners were:

First prize: The Bestial Faire, by Howard Kistler. Enter the dark forest to rescue the captives of a strange woodland cult. We selected this one because it fit a complex map and a lot of well-written adventure, with a variety of foes, into its limited space. Howard gets a $100 Warehouse 23 credit.

Two second prizes:

Got A Condo Made Of Stone, by Marc Gacy. The sandstorm uncovered ancient tombs. What might be hidden there? This entry showcased layout, interweaving the map and the text skillfully, and making good use of fonts. Marc gets a $50 Warehouse 23 credit.

Treasure of the Stone King, by Kelly Nall. An unusual elemental guards an ancient ruin. A classic dungeon crawl. Kelly also gets a $50 Warehouse 23 credit.

And a special mention:

Amazons of the Sky Turtle, by Henry Cobb. He had you at the name, didn’t he? We thought Henry’s idea here was just too big for a postcard, so we’ve invited him to expand it into a full adventure. With luck, someday you’ll see it! Henry also gets a $50 Warehouse 23 credit.

As for the rest . . . We think we’ll do a free PDF, when time allows, and print them all. Thank you to everyone who entered!

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