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The Rose Labyrinth

Graveyard Playmat

Wilderness Road Playmat

Skarg's Tavern Playmat

The Fantasy Trip: Melee Playmat

The Fantasy Trip: Wizard Playmat

Limestone Caverns 1 Playmat

Limestone Caverns 2 Playmat

Octopus Lair: Playmat Style C

Octopus Lair: Playmat Style D

Spiral Arena: Playmat Style B

Spiral Arena: Playmat Style A


Recent Playmat Articles

We’ve had a lot going on with TFT for the past several weeks, and “no excuse, sir!” - I didn’t get around to updating this page.

Most of the news is related to our... (more)

Our next TFT Kickstarter will start soon – late July or early August. We're presenting four (!!) new things at once:

Ardonirane, the city-state where the... (more)

Decks of Destiny is the big* boxed supplement for TFT. Like the original set, it was Kickstarted, and earned 1,172 backers. Lots of stretch goals were hit during... (more)

Decks of Destiny, now funding on Kickstarter, brings over 280 cards, nine new sheets of megahex tiles, and much more to The Fantasy Trip . . . and your support can... (more)

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