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Ardonirane, Hexagram #5, and Skarg's

July 15, 2020

Our next TFT Kickstarter will start soon – late July or early August. We're presenting four (!!) new things at once:

Ardonirane, the city-state where the Death Test adventures take place. A 72-page book by David Pulver.

Hexagram #5, including my article with a lot more info about Skarg's Tavern and Skarg himself.

• A 36" square playmat of Skarg's and the surrounding territory.

• A puzzle of the Decks of Destiny cover! The rings of the octopus, and the Tarot cards, are probably the easiest parts to assemble. The dark patch in the upper left will take you a while! We plan to put one or two into the Kickstarter as a special support level, signed by the artist, Brandon Moore, and by me. (Signed on the box, not on the puzzle itself!) (Please note that the puzzle will be listed on Warehouse 23 for pre-order in the near future, possibly late August. We'll let you know when pre-orders open. -PR)

Here's the link for the Coming Soon page so you can follow it.

As always, thanks for your support, which makes it possible for us to keep doing these things!

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