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TFT Extra #5 - Bare Owl

July 20, 2018

Bare Owl

     Imagine a large owl with big yellow eyes, huge yellow clawed feet, and a hooked bill. Now take away all its feathers except for the long black flight feathers on the wings, and a few on the tail, and an unkempt brush around the ears. The rest of the pink body is coated in a gray-white down. The result is one of the creepiest non-magical creatures ever to haunt the nightmares of a traveler.

     The bare owl eats rodents and small birds, like a regular owl, but it also enjoys fresh meat. If travelers enter its woods, it will follow them noiselessly until they have made camp and gone to sleep. It will then begin to hoot, and local predators know that the sound means “Come and get it if you can.” The bare owl is smart and will not call for an attack on a strong party, but it will quickly betray the presence of lost herd animals or wounded wanderers. Then it will scavenge from the remains.

     ST 2, DX 13, IQ 6, MA 20 in the air. A bare owl won’t attack anything larger than a cat. Most predators won’t bother bare owls, but eagles will destroy them.

     They can be trained – they are smarter than falcons and can see by both day and night – but they look so hideous that nobody would keep one except as a deliberate tool of intimidation. Their eggs are a useful magical component.


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