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TFT Extra #3 - Cold Horses

July 1, 2018

There are many confusing and contradictory stories about Cold Horses. About all the tales agree on is that they are horses and that they are cold.

  • They are deathly freezing to the touch. No, they are just pleasantly cool like stone, even when they have been galloping hard.
  • They cannot be tamed, but will come to the call of a hero. No, they act perfectly normal and might be ridden by a stable girl if she knows her way around horses.
  • They are black with a single white hair, and that hair, if found, has magic powers. No, they are the glimmering silver-gray of a frosty morning. No, they are found in any color that a horse might have.
  • They are faster than the wind and never tire. No, they are good strong horses, but that is all.
  • They do not die natural deaths. No, their lifespan is normal for horses. No, they live twice as long as ordinary horses and maintain their health until the end. No, they live as long as they are beloved, and then die on the next All Hallow’s Eve.
  • They are powerfully magical. No, they are natural creatures brought here by the Mnoren. No, they are built things, clever fabrications of master mechanicians.
  • They cannot abide hot weather. No, they are totally indifferent to weather of any kind. No, they tolerate heat but love cold and run fastest when it is snowing.
  • Too numerous to recount are the stories about what they eat, what must be done to take care of them, how they should be shod, and so on.


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