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$46K Stretch Goal - Five New Slimes

July 23, 2018

You’ve been slimed!

As the $46K stretch goal, here are five new slimes to harass and annoy your adventuring parties. Slimes are the signature nuisance-monster of TFT. Green, brown, red, and silver slime are the common kinds, but there are many others. GMs should not fill every labyrinth with a rainbow of slime, but save the unusual kinds for those new caverns or deep tunnels that have a peculiar local ecology. Adventurers, be wary, and keep that Naturalist close to the front!

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Pink Slime

These tiny leechlike killers drink your blood and multiply. In the morning your companions will find a drained corpse covered in a throbbing pink blanket of the little horrors. ST is 0 – you can crush one between your thumb and finger – the problem is that they attack the sleeping or hurt. GMs can use these when a party neglects its wounded. Describe the aftermath in the most terrifying way you can.

Water Slime

These amoeboid creatures are small – perhaps the size of two cupped hands – and almost perfectly transparent. Fortunately, they are rare, because they make bodies of clear water very dangerous. If you put your face in the water, the water slime will try to crawl into your nose and mouth – roll vs. DX to avoid it. If you fail, you are drowning, but can be resuscitated (see the Diving skill). Has been used as a rough practical joke and an assassination tool.

Stats not relevant, except for MA 4 in water.

Rough Slime

This slime is covered with what looks like green and gray lichen. This protects it against dim sunlight, so the Rough Slime can survive in dark woods and swamps. Otherwise it’s like an outdoor Green Slime, dropping from branches on its prey.

False Slime

An underground plant that secretes a sticky material to catch cave bugs and so on. This glob looks a lot like a Green Slime, except that it may have bugs stuck in it, and it does not move at all. The problem is that some False Slimes – perhaps one in six – are explosively flammable. If poked with a torch, they create a fireball that does 1d+2 damage to anyone in their hex, and 1d-1 to anyone in an adjacent hex. It may also trigger molotails in the same hex, or other explosive False Slimes within two hexes.

     Even if there were a good way to tell the explosive False Slimes from the harmless one, the fulminant glop is too unstable and fierce-burning to have any common use. The only way to tell if it’s the explosive kind is to set it off, and it quickly loses its potency if bottled. That will not stop adventurers from trying to harvest it, of course!

Black Slime

This creature of darkness dislikes fire and even torchlight so much that it will hide instantly, squeezing into tiny crevices in the walls, floor, and ceiling. Therefore, a party will not meet this kind of slime unless they are trying to get around without torches. In that case, the slimes will come out, and the only way to spot them might be to look for dark blotches against glowing cave-moss. If it’s completely dark, of course, you can’t see them at all, but they can sense you! Treat them as Green Slimes, rolling to dodge them at 4/DX in partial darkness or 5/DX in complete darkness. An average Black Slime has ST 6 to 10, DX 1, and IQ 1. When a Black Slime falls on a figure, it eats at him, doing 1 hit of damage per turn. If you are trapped in utter darkness, you’re probably dead. If you can make a fire, or indeed any kind of light that is brighter than cave phosphorescence, they’ll flee instantly.


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