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October 30, 2023

First, the Bestiary! It’s being printed now. We will begin the Kickstarter campaign in a couple of weeks, and it should ship in February.

Also part of that Kickstarter campaign will be Foes 2, a collection of STL files to let you print some of the most-needed Bestiary creatures: wolves, snakes, bears, rats, slimes, crabmen . . . There are also ten ghouls, because everybody needs a horde of ghouls. The most dramatic figures are the gargoyles – three standing, three flying. Well, they’re the most dramatic figures until we hit the stretch goals, at which point you’ll get a 4-hex dragon and some 2- and 3-hex goodies!

You can back either part of the Kickstarter campaign, or both. I’m hoping you say “both”! I’m really enthusiastic about these figures, if you can’t tell. And after the years of work that went into Bestiary, I sure hope you like it. A lot.

Moving deeper into 2024, there will be three issues of Hexagram. The first one, #12, is in preparation now. It includes the 6-player demo scenario For the Effigy of the Oil Wastes, which made a successful debut a couple of weeks ago at Gamehole Con. (“Successful” is defined here as “I had a good time running it and the players picked up the rules quickly and seemed to be having fun.”)

The “big deal” releases for 2024 are digital, and since announcing vaporware is Evil, all you get right now is this teaser. Coders who love TFT are working hard, but it’s not their day jobs, and they (yes, more than one project) will be done when they’re done. Wish them the best! I look forward to being able to say more.



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