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Hexagram #11 Coming Very Soon!

February 16, 2023

The next issue of Hexagram will launch on Kickstarter on this upcoming Monday, about noon Central time. There is already a landing page for it.

This is a good issue (would I say anything else?) It turned into something of a Weird Dice Special Issue, with three articles on using various special dice in your games. The interview is with . . . me. Its 38 pages are packed – the article total is from 14 to 16, depending on exactly what you count as an article.

The Kickstarter campaign includes a new Quick Quest, with another one as a stretch goal. Add-ons cover a variety of recent releases to give you a chance to buy more stuff save on shipping. If you have liked previous Hexagrams, you'll like this one. If you hated previous issues, you'll hate this one too. And if you haven't yet looked at our zine, please check it out!

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