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A New Fanzine for Fantasy Trip: GATE

September 23, 2022

I am delighted to announce that a Kickstarter is underway for a new TFT fanzine: Gate, which will be published by our long-time supporter and contributor, Alvin Helms.

You can read more, and support it, here.

Alvin's plan is for 48 pages – bigger than Hexagram! – in a similar format. (So it will fit in a Vault with your Hexagrams!)

To quote Alvin: "All of it is wholly Unofficial, and some of it is downright Heretical. But that's the nature of a Gate — it transports you to somewhere new and different. So brace yourself, and step through . . ."

It may be "unofficial," but this project has the blessings of the Powers that Be – that is to say, me. I'm awaiting it with great anticipation.

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