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May 11, 2022

In a couple of days we will start the "smoke test" for fulfillment of the Kickstarter project for the two new Quick Quests. We're on schedule.

The "crowdsourced" proofing has been very useful, and I'm less than halfway through those comments. The manuscript has also been proofed by one of our staffers, and after I get those corrections and the crowdsource corrections in place, Ben will update the manuscript and then Susan (who has never seen Bestiary before - new eyes!!) will look at it. It's getting closer and closer!

The Rose Labyrinth project is also close to print. Ben is finishing the counter sheet layout today. Illustrated by Liz Danforth, these counters are so good that they keep giving me more ideas for the lore and rules.

I have a half-dozen manuscripts that need reading or rereading before they go to the next stage.

So all told, the flow of new Fantasy Trip material continues!

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