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Hexagram #9, New Playmats, and More

January 18, 2022

We have a round half-dozen TFT projects coming to fruition in the next weeks. The Foes miniature Kickstarter closed successfully and the STL rewards will be available very soon. There will, of course, be a KS update so everyone knows to fill out their survey and get their goodies. On my list for today is some more planning for the next minis project. Planning is fun!

Within the next month, we will launch a Kickstarter for five small TFT releases: two Quick Quests, issue #9 of Hexagram, and two playmats that connect to form one big combat space. The playmats will come with a scenario sheet which I finished (I think) last night, so you can pull out your counters (or your minis) and start playing right away.

Please follow us on Kickstarter so you’ll know as soon as these projects start.

And in news “farther down the pike” – David Pulver’s The T’Reo School is about ready for layout. Material continues to come in for Fantasy Adventures 3. More short projects are in the works. And Bestiary hit another important milestone yesterday; the next layout Ben does should be the final one.

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