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February News

February 25, 2022

The Foes campaign ended on a high note - we wound up with 49 STL figures. Those rewards have now been delivered. If you missed the campaign but want some orcs, octopi, and/or skeletons for your TFT game (not to mention the horrible, hungry Long Lankin!), you can now find these files on Warehouse 23 or DTRPG.

My personal project from that one was to create a skeleton army. It already looks pretty good. It will get better. I’m using Army Builder paints, with accent colors from Turbo Dork.

And we are already scoping out Foes 2! No promises yet, but I want to make the last stretch goal a 4-hex dragon.

  • Progress continues on the Bestiary. It’s now nailed down at 192 pages. One of the first stretch goals will be to give it a hard cover. Later goals will add cards and counters. Probably a 2022 Kickstarter with a 2023 ship date.
  • It’s a ways away, but David Pulver just submitted the first draft of a new solo and is working on another one.
  • Five Quick Quests have been released, and we have three more completely or almost completely “in the can.” And more are in progress . . . Yes, we know we need to work out some kind of case for those. They are the same size as Hexagram, which helps.
  • Speaking of Hexagram, the next issue will be printed a block away from our office. That’s one way to reduce shipping time!
  • Pretty soon we will do a major survey of TFT players to find out what YOU like.
  • Come to FnordCon and play TFT with us!
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