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The Rose Labyrinth Is Live!

December 19, 2022


It's a garden labyrinth made of rose bushes with gigantic, magical flowers. And very sharp thorns. And now you can visit it in The Rose Labyrinth, KickStarting now.

This adventure package includes lots of lore, full-color counters, an adventure seed, and two beautiful, identical 24-inch-square maps. They are two-sided, so you can give your garden a lot of different paths and patterns. Maybe, if you're evil, it changes every time your players visit it. But who would do something like that?

Stretch goals add more lore and maybe even another adventure. You support . . . I shall write!

The art was created by Liz Danforth, who has been illustrating for TFT since its first appearance more than 40 years ago. And it's marvelous.

This set is good for many hours of play just as it is, and the components will combine nicely with your other material for even more adventure. Check it out!

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