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December 26, 2022

Most of you reading this will already have most or all of these PDFs. But just in case you don't . . . or just in case you have a friend who wants to get into the system . . . here's a deal!

Bundle of Holding has an offer for a number of Fantasy Trip PDFs. As usual with the Bundle of Holding, you have a choice. Support at the minimum level ($14.95 for this offer) and get PDFs of the Legacy Edition and more. Support at a level higher than the current average, and get more! Check it out for details.

Also as usual with the Bundle of Holding,10% goes to support a nonprofit cause. In this case, it directly supports gaming via the Diana Jones Award Emerging Designer Program.

In other news, the Rose Labyrinth Kickstarter is still on. Support us? This is a beautiful set of hex-maps and counters, with lore (more to be added now, thanks to two stretch goals already met) and a detailed adventure seed.

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