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December 16, 2022

There are four new TFT releases now available on Warehouse 23 . . .

Hexagram #10 – both physical and PDF – including an article on Inns and Taverns, an interesting location for sneaky scheming, and a really persuasive octopus who wants to eat you.

Quick Quest 8: "The Maddening Song," by Howard Kistler. Save the village, or die with your hands over your ears . . . Also available in both hardcopy and PDF.

The T'reo School of Martial Magic, a big sourcebook by David Pulver, is about a wizard school that makes Harry Potter look like the kid stuff that it is. Also available in both hardcopy and PDF.

And the new Hexagram Vault, to organize your Hexagrams, Quick Quests, and whatever else fits! Physical copies only. If you know how to make a useful box out of pure electrons, you can be the next Bill Gates.

The Kickstarter for The Rose Labyrinth is about to start – watch for the announcement!

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