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Quick Quest Kickstarter Approaching

May 21, 2021

Starting in just a few days, we'll run a QUICK Kickstarter for the next two Quick Quests. These are short adventures in trifold format - they can be campaign seeds, but they can also be in-and-out stories for just one or two game sessions. Click the button on this page to sign up for a notification. Again, this one will be over fast . . . don't miss it!

Most of you have already received Hexagram #7. There will be a #8, kickstarting later this year.

I expect to get the next David Pulver manuscript, The T'reo School, within a week. That is exciting. I ought to post some excerpts from it when I get it. If I don't, remind me.

And we just set up two 3-D printers in the office: one filament type, one resin. This is all part of the effort that will, eventually, bring you TFT miniatures. We don't plan to produce figures for sale this way - we will use this equipment for testing and development. And, no doubt, to make some minis for our own games. Because we can . . .




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