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March 17, 2021

Work goes on! The delays in shipping are frustrating . . . the ship carrying Fantasy Adventures 2 and the Old School Bestiary is still waiting for permission to dock and unload. Maybe tonight!

Hexagram #6 is printed and just waiting on those two books in order to ship. Hexagram #7 is done enough to launch a Kickstarter, and that should happen “real soon now.” More than half of the material needed for #8 has come in.

Our first Quick Quest, Tipping the Scales, has been printed and will be part of the Hexagram #6 shipments. The second and third are done and we’re finishing up the plan to get them to you. I thought I was working on the fourth one Monday, but with all the Is dotted and Ts crossed, this adventure is too long for a QQ; probably it will be part of Fantasy Adventures 3.

Andrew Walters will have the revision of the TFT Helper app, with some really scary new features, posted as soon as he can complete the Approval Dance with the app stores. That will get its own announcement, of course.

The last Gaming Ballistic Kickstarter went very well, and supporters can expect to see four different books of starting-level, and slightly experienced, characters.

And we are still working, slowly, on the terrain and miniatures projects, trying to keep our balance as the ground changes under our feet.

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