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TFT Helper 1.1 Is Out!

March 25, 2021

The new version of Andrew Walters' TFT Helper is in the Apple Store now, and the Android version should be approved shortly.

Andrew says: "All character data should be preserved, of course, but combats are stored in a new, better way and will not carry over. So you need to finish any combat or adventure you care about before upgrading. After upgrading if you get the Clear/Continue choice you should choose Clear. If you Continue an error message appears and that character will not be able to do any combat until you restart the app."

New features include:
• Character Notes is replaced by Equipment and Special Notes fields. 
• Import/Export is more reliable and uses standard, published, human-readable format
• Combat bug fixes
• Pinch and Spread should make some features handier on smaller screens
• Switch between phone and tablet modes by touching the upper right hand corner of the main menu screen if you don’t like the mode the app chose
• More dice materials
• More reference tables

More news about this soon.

TFT Shipping Progress

We have confirmation that the container with the books is off the ship (at last!) and on the ground. We now have a reasonable hope of shipping the Hexagram #6 / Adventures 2 / Old School Monsters / etc. Kickstarter the week of April 6.


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