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An Interesting Challenge

July 4, 2021

GURPS is not The Fantasy Trip. This is known. GURPS, especially if you use a lot of the optional rules, is more detailed than TFT. And TFT is meant for "old school" campaigns set in the early gunpowder period, or its equivalent. Play it with ray guns and you'll go through a lot of characters, very quickly indeed.

But the systems are not dissimilar, and some GURPS material is thoroughly useful for TFT. So the GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge may interest you. It's a Kickstarter that leverages strength-in-numbers to create a lot of short supplements and keep them inexpensive (especially if you sign up early) – and some of them are going to be useful to Fantasy Trip players and GMs.

I am not telling everyone to run out and support this – but I am suggesting that you click the link, follow the campaign, and see if it looks interesting to you.

(Of course, this raises the question of whether we could do something similar for The Fantasy Trip. Never say never.)



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