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Finally! Miniatures!

December 2, 2021

Here comes a new kind of release for The Fantasy Trip. We’ve been leaking this for a while, as a "someday" thing, and now it’s real.

We are creating Fantasy Trip miniatures. The first set is a small one, to get ourselves trained. It’s called Foes, and it includes two different clans of warrior orcs, a small squad of octopi, a boneyard of skeletons, and your friend and mine, Long Lankin.

These are being released as STL files, designed for resin printers, and pre-supported. The initial buy-in will be low, and there will be frequent stretch goals to add more figures.

They’re nominally 32mm, but we have printed some out at twice that size and they look good, so if you collect in 54mm, you should take a look. You can use these to build a fantasy army, as foes for Melee or Wizard games, or even as PCs (well, probably not the skeletons).

The pre-campaign landing page is here. The actual campaign will probably start December 13. We will fulfill as quickly as we can after it ends. All the base figures, and some of the stretch goal figures, are already done; the last stretch goal figures are in progress.

When the campaign page is up, you will be able to see lots of printed miniatures, both unpainted, as they come from the printer, and fully painted by Ben Williams. This is not a “we have only renders to show you” campaign.

You will also be able to download one of the octopi for free, to see the quality before you give us your money.

And the final rewards will include an extensive README file, with new campaign lore for the figures, and hints for both the experienced 3D printer and the beginner.

Please tell your 3D-printing friends about this campaign, even if they don’t (yet) play TFT. These are good minis and I really hope they are the beginning of a long, long series.


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