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And . . . Launched!

December 13, 2021

The Foes campaign has started and is going well – as I post this, the third stretch goal has been passed. If I stall a little bit before posting this, I could probably change that “third” to “fourth”! Each stretch goal now adds one more figure to the campaign.

There are five different kinds of figure: skeletons, two different orc clans, octopi, and a Long Lankin! Currently it is at 28 figures for a $15 buy-in, and clearly there will be more figures added. There are also support levels that include printed releases, if you missed, for instance, the last Hexagram.

If you have a resin printer, or are thinking about getting one, please support! (And if you have a friend who has a printer, this is a good time to do them a favor so they will happily print some figures for you.)

See the campaign (and some really lovely painted figures) at .


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