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April 15, 2021

Our new TFT line editor is Peter von Kleinsmid. A long-time player, PvK has recently helped me out with various projects, including a review of Stephen Dedman’s long solo, The Warlock’s Workshop, which will probably appear late this year. Inquiries and comments should still come to me, but if you copy them to, that will help keep him in the loop.

Hexagram #6 is finally shipping, along with Fantasy Adventures 2, the Old School Bestiary, and the other goodies from that Kickstarter. This one took entirely too long to fulfill, and I am sorry. The problems had to do with overseas production and the global shipping backup, and there was not much that we could have done differently . . . but what we can learn from it, we will.

Hexagram #7 is now live on Kickstarter. You can view the campaign here, and your support will be appreciated! As this is written, we have over 600 backers and are closing in on $10,000, with 3 days to go. While that’s a much smaller amount of cash than the campaign for #6 brought in, it’s no cause for alarm . . . #6 had two hardback books in its campaign, which played hob with the numbers. In a good way! The real comparison will come in number of supporters, and that’ll be close!


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