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More Resources For TFT

April 23, 2021

We have recently added several interesting helper items for TFT players and GMs. You can find them in the Resources tab at the top of each page on this site.

Note that the coding on this content management system is a bit weird (I know I was confused at first). If you just put your pointer on Resources, it will look like it's a roll-down for different types of resources. And it is. But it is not just a label. Clicking on the word "Resources" itself will also bring up a set of basic resources for players.

Among other things, we added the talent cheatsheets that I personally use when creating or checking characters. They didn't seem to belong in the book, but they sure can be handy.

Very special thanks to Howard Kistler for providing the mapping tool Shamat and the original fantasy fonts. You will find these useful. And fun!

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