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Hexagram #6 Is Coming!

September 15, 2020

Early 2021 is shaping up to be a good time for TFT. We will do a Kickstarter in late October or early November, with delivery in February, for Hexagram 6 and its playmat. There will also be some new add-ons!

  • Hexagram #6 - The zine adventure continues! 40 pages of Fantasy Trip Stuff, leading off with enhanced fencing rules by Lester Smith. We’ve also got monsters, allies, spells, Phil’s design article for Infinite Arena, fiction, and more!
  • The Ultrahex Mat - Designed by Howard Kistler, this playmat embodies a novel system for quickly placing random scenery and foes on the board for a combat. And it’s beautiful, too!

And the add-ons are awesome . . .

  • The Fantasy Trip Adventures 2 - Following on the good reactions we got to Fantasy Adventures, here’s another set of five short fantasy adventures, with megahexes and counters. A 64-page hardback. The cover is by Brandon Moore; interiors are by Rick Hershey.
  • Old School Monsters – Published under the Open Game License, this is a collection of monsters from the earliest days of RPG-ing. It is curated, edited, and with some new encounters by Yr. Humble Servant, illustrated by Rick Hershey and Liz Danforth, with counters by Liz Danforth.

You’ll also have the opportunity to get the new colored megahexes (grass, parchment, or stone), the Compass Rose, and, of course, D*I*C*E.

PS - Here’s a Kickstarter (not ours) that you should look at right now! As I type this, it has just made goal. It deserves more!

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