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A Quick Status Report

September 28, 2020

Hexagram #5, the Skarg’s playmat, and Ardonirane are shipping and the last ones should go out Tuesday or Wednesday.

The colored dry-erase megahexes did not come when expected, but they should be here in October and will ship immediately.

Hexagram #6 is done except for the last proofread, the lettercol (it’s time for you to write me a letter) and the art. The Ultrahex playmat that goes with it is done, done, done!

And the add-ons are moving well. Old School Bestiary has passed pre-mortem and is about to go to print. Fantasy Adventures 2 did not pass pre-mortem – that’s why we DO these checks – and is back in layout. for tweakage. (The problem, if you are curious – the adventures were laid out at different times across almost a year and apparently the InDesign stylesheet changed a bit? Not sure. Anyway, it’s being fixed.)

As far as later releases go, I have no fewer than three long solo adventures to look at. The Bestiary, the BIG one, is in editing (a slow process because there are so many stats to double-check). David Pulver will deliver The Tr’eo School soon, and start work on . . . another solo! And I have more than half of the material that will go into Hexagram #7.

Don’t forget FnordCon 2.3, coming October 10 – there will be a TFT discussion!

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