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November Status Report

November 10, 2020

We just got the factory samples on Old School Monsters and Fantasy Adventures 2, and they look good.

Work progresses on the TFT Bestiary. Here are the first inked counters, from Christopher Eisert.

More solo adventures are on the schedule. From here going forward, if you submit a solo adventure of any length, please send us the unscrambled version. Much easier to read and to test!

The Kickstarter for Hexagram #6 starts next week. (Follow the project today.) Issue #7 is already full, and we are reading articles for #8.

A type of adventure we have never published, but that would be perfect for TFT, is the “hex crawl.” It’s an overland adventure in which you have some freedom in the order in which you visit important sites. A good example of this genre is Fever Swamp from the Melsonian Arts Council. Want to write a hex crawl?

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