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TFT Progress Report

March 28, 2020

Coming Soon

     We’re about to start the Kickstarter for two new TFT books by veteran writers. The Book of Unlife, by Howard Kistler, is a compilation of the undead and the never-living, and includes a detailed campaign setting with maps and characters for a haunted manor and its environs. Red Crypt, by David Pulver, is a programmed adventure for one character, set in a graveyard full of weird doings and unholy appetites. These books will be fulfilled quickly! To be notified when the Kickstarter starts, go here and hit the green button!

     The BackerKit for Hexagram 4 ends on the 30th (click here to join). We’ll be fulfilling digital orders soon, and physical orders as soon as we can ship. Yes, there will be an Issue 5; I already have enough material for it. But we haven’t set a date yet.


Up Next

     David Pulver’s Ardonirane, a 72-page sourcebook about the city of the mighty Thorsz, is being edited now and will be a Kickstarter after the Unlife/Red Crypt project finishes.

     The big TFT Bestiary, by Guy McLimore and Greg Poehlein, will go into editing soon. The final draft is due April 6.

     The second book of TFT Adventures is about 80% done – that is, we have 4 of the 5 adventures in house, laid out, and being checked. Probably late 2020 for this one.

     We are working on a series of short adventures, tentatively titled Quick Quests. We have two in-house and are looking for more. (If you think you can write a 2,500-word encounter for TFT, read our Writers’ Guidelines and drop me a note!)


On The Horizon

     I have finished writing Old School Monsters, a bestiary of some of your favorite creations from the first RPG ever, presented under the Open Gaming License. Phil is fiddling with all the required legal notices. Late this year? Early 2021? We don’t know yet.

     David Pulver’s next project will be The T’Reo School, about an academy of combat magic. I expect to see the first draft in the fall.

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