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April 20, 2020

Thanks to everyone who came to FnordCon and talked about Fantasy Trip! We consider the event a success and we want to do it again.

Remember, the Melee PDF is free in Warehouse 23 and DTRPG. Tell your friends!

Coming Soon
    The Kickstarter for The Book of Unlife and Red Crypt was a success, grossing just over $20,000. Thank you! They now go to print and should ship soon – we will update you as we hear more from the printer.
    Very soon we’ll have two assistance books, the Labyrinth Planner and the Deluxe Character Journal, available as PDFs and PODs.
    Based on a user suggestion, Eric did a really neat compass piece (see image) for hex games. It shows direction, hex direction, and random rolls. We’ll sell this as a Plexiglas piece in W23, and maybe make it available as an add-on at some point.

    Stay-at-home rules delayed the shipping of physical copies of Hexagram 4, but we expect to be able to ship starting Real Soon Now. Yes, there will be an Issue 5, but we haven’t set a date for the Kickstarter yet.

Up Next
    David Pulver’s Ardonirane, a 72-page sourcebook about the city of the mighty Thorsz, is in layout now and will be one of our next Kickstarters.
    The big TFT Bestiary, by Guy McLimore and Greg Poehlein, is being edited by Andrew Hackard. We plan to include counters. Cards may be a stretch goal.
    The second book of TFT Adventures is about 80% done – that is, we have 4 of the 5 adventures in house, laid out, and being checked. Probably late 2020 for this one.
    We are working on a series of short adventures, “Quick Quests.” We have accepted two submissions, have a few more in hand and yet more promised, and are looking for still more. (If you think you can write a 2,500-word encounter for TFT, read our Writers’ Guidelines and drop me a note!)

On The Horizon
    We are about to start speccing art for Old School Monsters, a 64-page bestiary of some of your favorite creatures from the first RPG ever, presented under the Open Gaming License. Late this year? Early 2021? We don’t know yet. We want to include counters, and maybe cards as a stretch goal, so it may take a while.
    David Pulver’s next project will be The T’Reo School, about an academy of combat magic. I expect to see the first draft in the fall.

Gaming Ballistic is also rolling right along – expect a report from them before long.



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