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Postcard Labyrinth Contest

March 26, 2019

When we created two micro-labyrinths for the Hexagram campaign (preorder here), the goal was to provide GMs with tiny, bite-sized encounters that could be dropped into an adventure or used as the springboard to a larger idea. Each is a handful of labyrinth chambers as well as associated descriptions, and nothing more! Bare bones, designed around inspiring GMs, the postcard labyrinths are fantastic little tools . . . and we would like to produce more labyrinths in this format.

To enter the Postcard Labyrinth Contest, mail your physical design -- two-sided, no more than 7 inches wide by 5 inches tall -- as a postcard to:

Steve Jackson Games
ATTN: Postcard Labyrinth Contest
PO Box 18957
Austin TX 78760

Each entry must include:

  • A proper title for the encounter and your name.
  • Adventure setup information.
  • A map constructed from the megahex tiles found in the Legacy Edition box.
  • Descriptions and minimal game statistics for each area.
  • "Making it harder" recommendations.
  • "Continuing the adventure" suggestions.
  • Proper space for to/from information as well as postage (which you will use to mail your design to us).

All postcard labyrinth submissions must be postmarked no later than May 31, 2019, and arrive at the Steve Jackson Games offices before July 1, 2019. 


  • First Place - Our favorite entry will win an "I Want It All!' TFT carton loaded with the Legacy Edition game (signed by Steve Jackson!), playmats, and more. 
  • Second Place - The second place winner will receive a signed copy of the Legacy Edition box set.
  • Third Place - Our third place choice will receive a signed copy of the Melee and Wizard games.

All entries become the property of Steve Jackson Games. We reserve the right to publish your submission in the future, use it as inspiration for a design of our own, or repurpose the material in ways we may not yet know.

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