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Success for Four Perilous Adventures

June 9, 2019

The Four Perilous Adventures project on Kickstarter, presented by our licensee Gaming Ballistic, has completed with a gratifying 608 backers and $40,100 in support. Stretch goals allowed the addition of a fifth adventure – a solo written by David Pulver.

Our thanks to GB for their quality work in bringing more support to The Fantasy Trip . . . and, of course, to all the Kickstarter supporters who made it possible. And our congratulations on a well-run campaign with lots of communication!

If you were at FnordCon, you met Douglas Cole, who runs Gaming Ballistic, and you saw what a fountain of game energy he is. It shows in his work, too . . .

We did a crossover between the Decks of Destiny and Four Perilous Adventures campaigns, and I just finished approving the dozen extra cards that Four Perilous Adventures added to your DoD set. Have fun!


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