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Decks of Destiny Final Hours

June 2, 2019

Over 30 unlocked stretch goals. Over 1,000 supporters. Over 340 cards! The Decks of Destiny campaign comes to a close tomorrow, and now is your chance to join in and help make this latest expansion to The Fantasy Trip so big and heavy that everyone wins! The $60 reward level gets you the Decks of Destiny box with new megahex tiles, lots of new character, creature, rumor, treasure, and other cards, and a dozen character sheet bookmarks! 

If you go for the $100 I Want All The Newness reward level, you get all of the above plus dice -- including a 25mm metal six-sided die that you've just gotta see -- two new playmats, player tuck boxes, and more! Join in Decks of Destiny today and don't miss out on all of these new tools for use with The Fantasy Trip!

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