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December 12, 2019

The PDF version of Hexagram #3 is now downloadable from Warehouse 23. As for #4, it is coming along well - eight articles have been edited and sent to production, and the slushpile is healthy. (But, as always, if you have something interesting for us, we'd love to see it!) The short Kickstarter for #4 will begin in February. One of the backer levels will be "pick up at FnordCon." However, that issue will not available there for general sale unless we happen to be so far ahead of schedule that, at a minimum, all backer copies have already been sent. It's much likelier that only backers will be able to get it at the convention.

Decks of Destiny has shipped from the printers!

A couple of not-yet-announced TFT releases are in various stages of production, and a couple more are being edited. Look for some title announcements soon.

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