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TFT Extra #2 - Plocker

June 24, 2018

The plocker is a creature of night, deep forests, and caverns. It finds its way by echolocation, like a bat – but instead of squeaking, it clicks its forked tongue. This makes a distinctive, slightly doubled “plock” sound which gives the plocker its name.

This also makes the plocker itself very easy to locate, but nothing preys upon it. Its flesh is foul and acid. Not even ambrosia will make a plocker edible!

They climb trees and live mainly on fruit; they also raid insect hives, eating bugs, larvae, and honey indiscriminately. Underground, they love mushrooms and will not eat poisonous ones. They do not eat carrion.

A plocker looks like a very small bear with a wide head and a bushy tail. They are usually black or brown. ST 4, DX 11, IQ 5, MA 6. They are not dangerous and have no economic value. Their main interest to adventurers is that, since they require clean water and clean food, a plocker is a sign of a liveable environment somewhere nearby.


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