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TFT Extra #1 - Pit Trap Plant

June 17, 2018

The heart of the carnivorous pit trap plant is underground. It sends out vine-like roots that slowly move the dirt, eventually creating a hole in the ground. A large pit trap may be ten feet deep or more; small ones are less than a foot deep. The hole will be concealed by large brownish leaves; a Naturalist will recognize them, while others need a 3/IQ roll in daytime or a 4/IQ roll at night. Sometimes there will be clues in the form of buzzing flies and an awful stench.

The vines secrete a very sticky, acid fluid, useful for some Chemist potions and in the glassmaking trade. A big trap will be a couple of feet deep in fluid. Anything that falls into the trap will be caught. Make a 3/DX roll to land on your feet; on a critical failure you land face-down and will surely die unless friends help you instantly. If you land on your feet, make a 5/ST roll to pull yourself out; your friends may help. If you cannot escape, the fluid does 1 damage per hour; armor does not protect.

A small trap is deadly to little animals, but a human will suffer at worst a sprained ankle and then a stuck foot, easily escaped on a 3/ST effort.

The pit trap fluid quickly digests victims; a big trap can eat a human in two weeks. Obviously, a pit trap may contain the belongings of past victims, but recovering them is nasty, nasty work.


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