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Death Test, a closer look.

December 9, 2018

As you know, thanks to your support, the Legacy Edition includes the Death Test and Death Test 2 adventures. The $55,000 and $92,500 stretch goals added the two adventures to the Legacy Edition box, while the $185,000 and $192,500 stretch goals added color covers to the two adventures. And then, thanks to all of your support, you unlocked the $240,000 stretch goal to create a box holding the Death Test and Death Test 2 adventures and counters. 

For those of you who want an early look at the Death Test results of your support, here are some snapshots of the completed Death Test boxed set. As you know, this box is packed inside the Legacy Edition box and will be offered separately to distributors and retailers; the two adventures are a great companion to the Melee and Wizard boxes.

Enjoy the pics, gang! We'll be back soon with more news on the project and upcoming The Fantasy Trip adventures and expansions.

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